In exercise of power conferred under Section 131(4) of the Electricity Act 2003, the Govt. of West Bengal unbundled West Bengal state Electricity Board into two Companies viz. West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) and West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (WBSETCL). Under the West Bengal Power Sector Reforms Transfer Scheme 2007, activities relating to Transmission and Load Dispatch business of WBSEB were transferred to West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (WBSETCL). In effect of the Power Sector Reforms Transfer Scheme 2007, West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited was incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act 1956 on 16.02.2007 and other obtained Certificate of Commencement of business on 21st March, 2007.

WBSETCL wholly owned by Govt. of West Bengal, is a professionally managed, a multi-sited Power Transmission Company in Eastern India. The Company has developed strong in-house expertise in various facets of power transmission business. As on the end of financial year 2017-18, the Company operates and maintains a transmission network of 13598.5 CKM of Extra High Voltage Transmission lines along with 124 sub-stations (400 KV- 66 KV) having total transformation capacity of 29883 MVA, spread over the entire stretch of the State of West Bengal. With focus of improving performance, the transmission system was consistently maintained at an availability of 99.85% for the year 2017-2018, at par with international standards.

Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, adjudged the Company for Best Transmission System Availability Award with Gold Shield for the year 2007-08 in appreciation of the fact that availability of transmission system remained more than 99.87%.

In the first year of operation (2007-08), the Company posted impressive results-earned a net profit of Rs. 81.32 crore on a turnover of around Rs. 428 crore. in the second fiscal (2008-09), with about 3000 employees, WBSETCL made significant achievements in all facets. Gross earnings for the year 2008-09, grew by about 54% to Rs. 674.02 crore, registering a net profit of Rs. 189.40 crore. Gross fixed assets rose to Rs. 3403.20 crore with a commendable growth of Rs. 328 crore.In the third year i.e. 2009-2010, the Company registered a growth of 8.24%, Gross earning grew to Rs. 729.56 Crore with net profit stood at Rs. 174.68 Crore.During 2010-11 the overall increase in total income was around 5%. Gross earnings grew to Rs.765.54 Crore with net profit of Rs.174.49 Crore.Gross earning for the year 2011-12 was Rs.751.87 crore with net profit of Rs.172 Crore.Gross earning for the year 2012-13 is Rs.1026.34 crore with net profit of Rs.333.02 Crore.Gross earning for the year 2013-14 is Rs.1097.62 crore with net profit of Rs.368.76 Crore.Gross earning for the year 2014-15 is Rs.1020.13 crore with net profit of Rs.269.26 Crore.Gross earning for the year 2016-17 is Rs.1258 crore with net profit of Rs.431 Crore.Gross earning for the year 2017-18 is Rs.1298 crore with net profit of Rs.438 Crore.

The Company, after extensive audit on its Quality Management System, was accredited by KVQA, Norway, ISO:9001:2000 Certifications for the following Extra High Voltage Sub-stations.

Jerrat 400 KV Sub-Station
Arambag 400 KV Sub-Station
Howrah 220 KV Sub-Station
Rishra 220 KV Sub-Station
Domjur 220 KV sub-Station
New-Haldia 220 KV Sub-Station
Durgapur 220 KV Sub-Station
Satgachia 220 KV Sub-Station
Assansol 220 KV Sub-Station
Midnapur 220 KV Sub-Station
New Jalpaiguri 220 KV Sub-Station
Kasba 220 KV Sub-Station
Laxmikantapur 220 KV Sub-Station
Tarakeswar 132 KV Sub-Station

The Company emphasize on evolving and adopting new technologies continuously to effectively meet the challenges of power transmission in the State of West Bengal. On operation and maintenance front, continuous efforts envisage to provide stable and quality power with minimum extent possible transmission loss. To cater the need of improving transmission system and to meet the requirement of increasing demand of both industrial and rural load in the State of West Bengal, various transmission projects are under execution.

Human potential have been perceived as powerful resources right from inception stage and the Company makes continuous and concreted efforts to groom its HR to meet the present and future challenges in the field of Technology and Management functions and also focuses on providing an environment conductive for grooming employees to enable them contribute on a continuous basis for the growth of the organisation as also to meet with the rapidly changing industrial scenario.

The scope of work of WBSETC Ltd. is as follows:

Operation and Maintenance of all existing EHV Sub-Stations, equipments and line.
Construction of Green Field EHV Sub-Stations and Transmission Lines as per systemís requirement.
Expansion/Augmentation of Sub-Stations.
Replacement of age old worn out Conductors, equipments by new ones.
Adoption of new technology replacing old ones.
Enhancement of I.T. application.