Post the Electricity Act 2003, The GoWB divided the erstwhile West Bengal State Electricity Board (WBSEB) into two functionally independent state-owned companies, West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (WBSETCL) and West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL), with effect from 01 April 2007.

WBSETCL is responsible for transmitting electricity from generating sources to load centres through a transmission network operating at 400kV, 220kV, 132kV and 66kV spread across West Bengal.

WBSETCL is currently playing three distinct functional roles envisaged under the Electricity Act 2003

   • The State Transmission Utility (STU) provider
   • A Transmission Licensee (TL)
   • The State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC).
What's New

  Employment Notification No.REC/2018/05:Appointment for the Posts of Assistant Manager (Corporate Communication) & Junior Engineer

  Employment Notification No.REC/2018/05:List of candidates whose medical reports are pending for further perusal by management of WBSETCL.

  Employment Notification No.REC/2018/05:Enclosed Documents

  Employment Notification No.REC/2018/05:Pre-Employment Document Verification for Appointment in the Posts of Assistant Manager(Corporate Communication) & Junior Engineer(Electrical)Gr.-II

   Employment Notification No.REC/2018/05:List of candidates short listed for personal interview

   Cancelletion Notice of EMPLOYMENT NOTIFICATION NO.: REC/2016/01

  The Answer Keys of the written Test held on 19.08.2018 has been published. Click Here for details

  Notification inviting vendors for enlistment in approved makers list of WBSETCL

  Employment Notification No.: REC/2018/05 : Download Admit Card for Written Test

  Employment Notification No: REC/2018/04 , Short listed candidates regarding Recruitment of Special Officer (Land) and Surveyor

  Notification No.: WBSETCL/Apprentice /2017/01 Dated: 18.12.2017, Short listed candidates for engagement as apprentices.

  Employment Notification No: REC/2018/05: Recruitment for the post of Assistant Manager (Corporate Communication), Junior Executive(Stores), Junior Engineer (Elec.) Gr.-II, Technician Gr. III

   Selection of Recruitment Agency for conducting entire process of selection of candidates for different posts under WBSETCL Through online test & interview

  Employment Notification No: REC/2018/04: Recruitment for the post of Special Officer (Land) and Surveyor (Contractual Basis)

  Employment Notification No: REC/2018/03: Interview for the post of Chief Medical Officer on contract basis

 Recruitment for the post of Director(Projects)at WBSETCL

  Employment notification no: REC/2018/03, Recruitment for the post of Chief Medical Officer (on contractual basis)

  List of Shortlisted Candidates for Appearing in the Interview to the Post of Chief Security Officer

   Selection of agency for providing 6 nos. unskilled manpower (casual labour) on job contract basis for the corporate office of West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited at Kolkata

  Cancellation notice of Employment notification no: REC/2013/02 - This is for the information of all concerned that the notification for recruitment of 102 nos. of Technical Support Hand under WBSETCL published vide Notification No : REC/2013/02 Dated 26.02.2013 is hereby cancelled

  Time Extension Notice i.r.o NIT NO:-GM(HR&A)/WBSETCL/Tickets /2017-18/15 Dtd.15.01.2018

  Tender Document for Bio Metric Attendance System

  Employment Notification No: REC/2018/02: Recruitment for the post of Chief Medical Officer (Contractual Basis)

  Selection of private security agency for deployment of approximately 1180 nos. Of private security guards on outsourcing basis for various units of wbsetcl located across the state of west bengal

  Bi-Annual Rate Contract for procurement of Air & Railway ticket for journey of the company’s official posted at Vidyut Bhavan, WBSETCL

  Employment Notification No: REC/2018/01: Recruitment for the post of Special Officer (Land) and Surveyor(Contractual Basis)

  Advertisement Notification No.: WBSETCL/Apprentice /2017/01, Engagement of Graduate (Elect.)/Technician (Elect.) Apprentice Trainees

  Employment Notification No. REC/2017/03, Recruitment for the post of Chief Security Officer (on contractual basis)

  Reply of WBSETCL to the Pre- bid queries of KPMG vide EOI NO. : 03/Communication, held on 15.12.2017

  Notice for Vendor meet (Energy Meters, Lighting Arresters, Isolators and Insulators) on 21.12.2017

  Notice for Vendor meet (Instrument Transformers, Earthing Transformers and Station Service Transformers) on 20.12.2017

  Selection of agency for providing 6 nos. Unskilled manpower (casual labour) on job contract basis for the corporate office of West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited at Kolkata.

  Selection Of Recruitment Agency For Conducting The Entire Process Of Selection For Recruitment In Different Posts Under WBSETCL

  Expression of Interest (EOI) for empanelment of consultant i.r.o. leasing out dark fiber of OPGW in WBSETCL Transmission lines

  Tender Document For Closed User Group (CUG) Mobile Phone Connection Scheme For The Officials of WBSETCL

  Tender document for Caretaking, catering services including up-keepment and running of Corporate Guest House at Saltlake, WBSETCL

  Cancellation notice of EOI No.02/Communication

  Fresh notification for enlistment in WBSETCL makers list dated 10.07.2017

  Invitation For Expression Of Interest from Firm Of Chartered / Cost Accountant(S) for empanelment of Internal Auditor for conducting internal audit at different units under WBSETCL

  Selection of agency for providing of 53 nos. Casual labour on outsourcing job contract basis at various units of West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited located across the state of West Bengal.

  Invite Expression of Interest from Firm(s) of Company Secretaries or Law firm(s) for empanelment for Legal Compliance Audit

  Press Notification empanelment

 Interview for the post of MD

 Notice regarding postponement of interview

 For Supply/Shut down related information -> News and Reports -> Shutdown Notices

 Application is invited from willing Original Equipment Manufactures for enlistment of their names in WBSETCL Makers' List 2015-16

Answer Key of the Written Test held on 27.03.2016 for all Posts

WBSETCL has been adjudged the winner of ‘IPPAI Awards 2013’ in the category of ‘Best Performing SLDC’